The average user in the RC plane hobby has a wide variety of products to choose from. Airframes range from historic models to performance and stunt planes. However, the typical consumer relies heavily on the products that come out of production each year. A big part of the RC hobby is tinkering and modification. Neocraft is based on the premise that as a tinkering community, perhaps RC hobbyists can become more enabled to pursue modification in a convenient and user friendly fashion.


Every component of Neocraft is designed to fit universally. For example, any tail section that you would like to join with the main body is a guaranteed fit. You can also choose from a selection of canopies, nose sections, and wing types.

"I appreciate the opportunity to be creative, I wish that some of the kits were more immersive."

"My favorite part of this hobby is the sense of community."

Neocraft is intended to inspire a sense of pride in the RC community by allowing for ample customization. It is also designed around convenience for the intermediate pilot.

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