Project Stockholm is a redesign of the DEWALT 20V max power stapler. It is a concept developed around the casual, non professional user. The form of concept Stockholm is informed by the idea that heavy duty tools may be able to perform at high standards without looking aggressive or bulky.


Battery power has the potential to undergo some drastic changes in the next few years. Electric vehicle research is in pursuit of innovations that support new standards for efficiency and technologies such as proximity charging are introducing the possibility of making battery power a thing of the past.


The battery is typically a prominent feature in cordless power tools and DEWALT happens to rely on a universal battery pack that meets the needs of many of its products. This battery pack is integrated into most of these forms as a counterbalance as well as a stand. Stockholm has been developed in acknowledgement of the trend in battery technology. More specifically, the battery pack has been removed from the physical body of the stapler and integrated into the handle. This feature is an interpretation of how the form can properly adapt as the amount of space needed for a power source is severely minimized.

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