Players join a faction by connecting to one physical console

Joining this console makes you a member of that faction. Your avatar will roam freely alongside those of your allies.


Today we find ourselves more connected than ever by means of technology in what many consider to be the digital era. By comparison to previous generations however, it turns out that a major change has occurred in relevance to how we interact with our communities. The issue at hand is that we may be lacking in this regard.

The argument stands that this viewpoint is only achieved by comparison to previous generations, and in many ways we must be considerate of the possibility that our standards may simply be changing. Nevertheless, the noticeable difference between younger generations of today and those before us is that we are far less connected to those in our immediate vicinity. Tactic is a solution for those who find that they are not familiar with their neighbors, colleagues, and communities.

Factions compete for territory on an online map. They can travel between destinations that their faction controls


This project was inspired by the organization "Games for Change." The purpose of Tactic is to explore the scope of localized gaming and facilitate cooperative play between neighbors.


Tactic operates very similarly to a big game of chess, where the players are all pieces and must communicate in order to be successful. To defend or attack territory, the right number of players should be in the right place at the right time.

Avatars from opposing factions will fight when they enter the same territory. The only assurance of victory is in numbers. This requires communication between allies.


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